We are Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving

We are a partner for businesses, public authorities and entrepreneurial citizens, helping them realise their goals in the area of spatial planning. Our experienced consultants together ensure that an integrated approach is taken to your project. We give our customers peace of mind and provide creative input, from the initial idea through to the start of construction, acting as a critical and valuable sounding board.

Every project is different and so is every location. The cultural history, environment and existing users of a location together make up the challenge and form the starting point for our work. Keeping these aspects in mind, we draw up plans that take current and future users into account. That means we give due consideration to the social and spatial developments that are relevant to your specific plan. In this way we arrive at a smart, sustainable and future-proof solution for every project.

Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving offers advice on every stage of the process, from the initial ideas through to actual construction on the ground, working on the basis of four different disciplines: environment (we examine feasibility), design (we create the new reality), legal (we ensure the plans are legally possible) and project management (we coordinate the work on the ground).

We are pragmatic, open and committed and will be happy to work with you to deliver the best possible solution to your problem.