Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving

We are an environmental consultancy firm that thinks outside the box, drawing on our knowledge in the areas of spatial planning, urban development, landscape architecture, real estate, the environment, water and the reuse of waste. As it is impossible to know everything, we also work with knowledge partners from our own network.

When drawing up our plans we respect the specific values of the location in question: its (cultural) history and environment and the social dimension. We create these plans from the perspective of the (future) user. In this way we deliver robust, future-proof plans that can also take future changes into account.

We work for customers in the private and public sectors. Our aim is to give them the help they need so they can continue to cope with the increasing complexity of the spatial environment. We are therefore critical, ask questions and justify the choices we make.

To provide climate- and future-proof advice, you need to approach the problem in an integrated way. And that is precisely what we can offer. However, we can, of course, also assist you with a soil survey, a land-use plan or a high-quality design for a public space.