Environmental vision

It is Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving’s focus on approaching each and every project in an integrated way that sets it apart from other spatial planning consultancies. We are perfectly placed to assess the feasibility of a development, shape the new reality,handle all the legal aspects and coordinate construction on the ground, all in one smooth process. Thanks to this integrated approach, within which each phase of the plan merges seamlessly into the next, we ensure that the planning and budget for your project are manageable.

For us spatial development is not a collection of individual products, but a process made up of several phases. It all starts with you, the customer: you have an idea (initiative phase). We will help you crystallise it and define the framework within which your project can be developed, e.g. on the basis of an environmental survey (definition phase). In consultation with you we will come up with a design (design phase) and take care of the necessary legal documents, such as a land-use plan and environmental permit (procedure phase). The actual realisation of your plan can then be prepared from a civil-engineering perspective (preparation phase) and, lastly, the plan will be implemented under our supervision (construction phase).

We can enter into obligations with you to achieve specific results in each project phase. Any challenges will be addressed with enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. Customers can therefore entrust their spatial development projects to Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving with confidence.