GMP Group

Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving is part of the GMP Group. At the GMP Group we look at the world as a circular system. We see life on earth as a cycle; a process that is made up of constantly recurring stages, that uses scarce materials, but does not consume them. Each of the GMP Group’s operating companies specialises in a part of the construction process. Together they see construction as a circular process and take a fully integrated approach to projects.

Alongside Buro Ontwerp & Omgeving, the group has the following operating companies:

  • CIRQU organises the complete circular construction process, from the initial idea through to construction and completion.
  • PARO sorts, processes and treats waste materials generated during projects, transforming them into semi-finished and new products. High-quality recycling and maximum circularity are at the heart of its operations.
  • Recycling Solutions operates worldwide as a trader of the sorted raw materials that come off PARO’s state-of-the-art sorting lines.

Although these companies are each individually responsible for their results, they all have a shared outlook and a common mission: to treat people and the environment conscientiously.