Jeffrey van Luttikhuizen

Manager, planner

Jeffrey is the manager and a planner at Buro Ontwerp en Omgeving. He has worked in the field of spatial planning for over 20 years at both commercial and non-commercial organisations. Jeffrey is a generalist who quickly and efficiently identifies what is involved in developing a plan. He brings together ideas, disciplines and the interests of the parties, creating a single, integrated process that delivers effective and workable results. Jeffrey helps to create a pleasant working environment, makes and oversees clear agreements, and knows his way around both the public and commercial sectors.

You can contact Jeffrey for assistance with drawing up and organising spatial plans and development processes. As a consultant he stands out thanks to his ability to act as a critical sounding board, build bridges and bring together different interests and parties. When it comes to spatial planning Jeffrey delivers custom solutions.

Phonenumber: 06 - 39 76 56 00