Maarten Groenen

Environmental project manager

Maarten is a consultant in the area of water and has a solid background in environmental science. With more than 15 years of professional experience at organisations including local authorities, a water board and an engineering firm, he knows better than anyone what the social challenges are when it comes to the environment, water and climate-change adaptation. 

Maarten is committed to improving the living environment. He is a generalist with an inquisitive mind and a passion for water. During projects his pragmatic approach shines through and he delivers excellent results. His approach is characterised by a firm focus on the interests of both the customer and the other parties concerned, and he is therefore able to bring these parties together in an effective way. Maarten will provide you with sound advice and can assist you with various surveys. He will be very happy to discuss your needs. 


Phonenumber: 06 - 31 91 97 84